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The refugee camp pilot has been done on as little money as possible – particularly given the fact that it has all had to be fundraised. Before we left it was looking like we weren’t going to make it. Then at the last minute CARE changed from asking us to pay them for their help, to offering to help instead. This was the crucial gap cover that we needed.

And because it is a pilot, it’s important that we make use of the work that has been done to build a case for future projects. So evaluation and documentation are crucial parts of the process.

Here are all the costs and income for the project.

Refugee camp project  (£)
Item Quantity Unit Cost Total
Materials (paint etc) 1 1144 1144
T-shirts for volunteers in camp 20 10 200
Hard drive for film footage 1 70 70
Evaluation forms and app development 1 100 100
Volunteer researchers and painters (1 JD/hour) 200 1 200
Case development for next funding 1 200 200
Flights from UK 2 704 1408
Transport to LHR 4 11.7 47
Local subsistence per diems 6 20 120
Local travel to and from camp 480
Visas 2 40 80
Accommodation 1092 1092
Research/facilitator fee (days) 7 150 900
Artist/facilitator fee (days) 14 150 1950
UK Cameraman and edit fee 3 150 450
Camp Cameraman 2 50 100
Total COSTS 8541
5% contingency 427
Pilot Total Budget     8968
Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign 3142
Fundraising event 1 250
Fundraising event 2 922
CARE in kind (paint, hotel, transport, camp cameraman, volunteers) 2632
Avios donation 504
Researcher in kind 900
UK Cameraman in kind 150
Artist in kind 450
Total Income     8950
Carry over for next stage -18

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