Art Celebration Mar 8

DOB poster‘Drawing On Babel’ by Ion Teale. Curated by Patricio Forrester for Bold Vision.

Something unusual has been happening at the Hill Station. Every night, the artist Ion Teale spends the dark hours drawing and painting myriad images, all loosely related to the theme of Babel, directly onto the walls of the deserted building. In previous work Ion claimed space in derelict buildings by painting murals overnight. The works were left in ‘no-man’s land’ , inspired others to intervene, initiating an unexpected conversation. Drawing on Babel is Ion’s intuitive exploration of a visual language of mythical perspectives, distortion and disorientation, on a scale which is unusual for cafe art. The move from painting derelict buildings to painting on the walls of the community cafe could not be more dramatic, from art seen by few but other artists, motivated by the requirement of absolute freedom, to painting within a family friendly, community environment. Ion Teale is facing a new challenge. More audience. Less freedom. It’s a new angle on what is possible, not simply decorative or easily understood and accommodated. Drawing on Babel is an attempt to subvert the context of this community cafe and challenge local expectations. The public can contribute ideas by writing comments on a table during the day for Ion to consider and perhaps incorporate overnight. The opening evening will be the Saturday 8th March, from 7pm – 10pm. for more information and pictures contact Georgia Freeman on 

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